Whale Watching in Broome

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned traveler, Broome offers a wealth of natural beauty and cultural richness just waiting to be discovered.

Broome can often feel like a world of its own. Tucked away on Australia’s northwest coast, with its lush tropical setting, and distinct wet and dry seasons, there’s plenty to explore when you’re up here.


And while Broome is known for some particularly iconic activities and locations—like Cable Beach, the historic dinosaur footprints, and its spectacular wet season weather—one of the lesser-known activities in Broome is a truly magical spectacle that deserves to be better known.

Whale watching off the Broome coast

Every year, out in the ocean off Broome’s white sand beaches, the water comes alive with families of whales making their way up the coast.


As the whales finish their feeding in the icy Antarctic waters, they start to make their way north, up past the west coast of Australia to the warm northern waters of the Kimberley region to begin their mating season. And then, give birth to their calves.


When is the best time for whale watching in Broome?

The whale migration off the coast of Broome is an annual occurrence. But it only occurs for a specific time of the year. The best time of year to see whales off the Broome coast is during the dry season, when the days are clear and warm, and the evenings are cooler.


Whales don’t follow our calendar, so the start dates aren’t the same each year. But in general, the best times for whale watching in Broome are between June through to early October, with peak whale activity usually occurring throughout July, August, and September.


What type of whales can you see off Broome?

The most common type of whale that you’ll see off the Broome coast are humpback whales.


However, if you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of a Southern Right Whale, or the elusive Blue Whale, gently making their way up the Broome coastline.


Where is the best place to see whales?

There are certain places in Broome where you get a better view out over the ocean, giving you a better vantage point to see the majestic creatures. The best place in Broome to see whales is from Roebuck Bay. And while it’s not guaranteed, you may be able to see far enough out over the waves that you can catch the tell-tale signs of whales breaching the waves.


The best time to see them is on a calm day. Watch for disturbances out on the water: the vertical spray of a whale’s spout, or the big splash of their breach and re-entry into the water.


But the best place to see whales is out in their natural habitat.


Broome has a number of experienced and reputable whale watching tour operators that you can book. Tours that get you out on the water, past the breakers and into the ocean, allowing you the best chance of getting closer to the truly stunning creatures.


How long does a whale watching tour take?

Whale watching tours are designed so you get the most out of your time on the waves. They typically go for three to four hours, both during the day and in the afternoon. There are even some during the early evening, sunset cruises that depart in the late afternoon, and spend the last few hours of light out on the water, watching for whales as the sun sets.


What type of boats are available?

Getting out on the water for a whale watching cruise offers you a wide selection of boats to choose from, depending on the provider you choose. You can get onboard a yacht, a cruiser, a sailing yacht, or even a 50-foot catamaran for something a little bit different.


What’s provided on my whale watching tour?

What’s provided differs from operator to operator, but there’s generally a selection of food and soft drinks available, and room for any food or drinks that you choose to bring. Some also offer a cash bar, so you can see the whales and enjoy a drink, out on the Indian Ocean.


What should I bring?

You’re out on the water in the WA sun, and while it’s over the winter months, the UV can still be high. So bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sun protection.


You can also bring any snacks or drinks—non-alcoholic or alcoholic, depending on the type of tour you choose—and bring a camera to capture the event as it happens.


Will I definitely see whales?

While it’s estimated that around 35,000 whales pass by the Broome coastline, and the odds are pretty good, it’s not a guarantee. 


If you don’t see any whales, some tour operators provide a money-back guarantee, so check with your tour operator first.


Where to stay for one of the most magical activities in Broome

Whale watching off the coast of Broome is a truly unique experience, and the best place to stay is at the Continental Hotel. Close to town, close to the water, it’s perfectly situated to make the most of your time here. Our friendly team can also help you book the right whale watching tour for your needs. 


So when you decide to tick Broome whale watching off your bucket list, book your room at The Continental Hotel.