Where to stay in Broome

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or seasoned sightseer, Broome is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural richness waiting to be explored.

Something for everyone at Broome

An expansive peninsula that stretches along the Indian Ocean, it’s known for its white sand beaches, dramatic coastal geography, rich history, and diverse precincts with a wide range of attractions and activities.

From the world-renowned beauty of Cable Beach to the cultural charm of Chinatown, or the family-friendly air of Town Beach, there are unforgettable experiences waiting for every type of traveller.

If you’re thinking about where to stay in Broome for your next holiday, here’s our quick guide on the key attractions and precincts near our accommodation in Broome.

Roebuck Bay

Roebuck Bay is where to go for a waterfront holiday vibe. Perfect for foodies and families, it’s also where The Continental Hotel is located, which means you’ll have easy access to the beach (as well as our own hotel’s swimming pools)!

Here, you can enjoy the town’s beachfront at your own leisure; the kids can let off steam at the playground and water park, or pack a picnic and enjoy some downtime while gazing out over the water of Roebuck Bay.

Dive into Broome’s pearling history with a visit to the Broome Historical Museum, housing artefacts and exhibits from the town’s past. Learn the history of pearling, read about Broome’s involvement in the Second World War, and uncover the stories that made the town what it is today.

Nearby, you can take a step back in time at Gantheaume Point, where you can discover sets of ancient fossilised dinosaur footprints. Dating back over 130 million years, they provide a fascinating glimpse into prehistoric times.

The Mangrove Hotel is also the perfect spot to witness the Staircase to the Moon, when the full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. Visible between March to October, it creates the illusion of a glittering staircase reaching out to the horizon.

If you want to indulge in some of Broome’s best names in the local food scene, then Roebuck Bay is the place to go.

Grab a drink and a meal at Johnny Sausage, featuring traditional Italian with a modern twist. Or head on down the hill to our very own Papa Fuego, for flame-grilled fare, inspired by South American flavours.

Cable Beach

The world-famous Cable Beach can be found just four kilometres from central Broome – a 5-minute drive from The Continental Hotel.

Known for its iconic 22-kilometre stretch of pristine white sand, and sweeping views out into the Indian Ocean, Cable Beach is where you want to stay if you’re after a more luxe feel to your Broome holiday.

You’re safely ensconced from the main action of town, creating a more laid-back beachside vibe. It’s perfect for early-morning swims, all-day sunbathing, or creating a truly memorable holiday with a famous sunset camel ride.

Take a sunset cruise out over the calming turquoise water—or there’s even sunset meditation for those looking for a particularly relaxing holiday.

Central Broome/Chinatown

Chinatown is the beating heart of Broome. In fact, the town has grown up around it, leaving its buildings, architecture, and heritage as a glimpse into its rich history and cultural diversity.

Home to historic buildings, shops, galleries, and a variety of restaurants, it’s also the main shopping precinct, running the spectrum from a bustling supermarket to niche boutiques.

Perfect for first-time Broome travellers looking to get out, explore the town, get your bearings, and tick off the main Broome attractions.

You can walk around and explore the Chinatown Art Trail, or wander along historic Streeter’s Jetty, a faithfully reconstructed part of the pearling industry’s past—with the famous pearl showrooms on Dampier Street showcasing its future.

Pay your respects at the Japanese Cemetery, a historical site that provides a sombre yet insightful look into Broome’s multicultural influences, and an eye-opening reminder of the dangers inherent in the early pearling industry.

As the sun sets, take in a film at Sun Pictures, the world’s oldest operating outdoor cinema, showing current hits and classic cinema.

With plenty of cafes and restaurants to stop and refuel, Chinatown is perfect for travellers interested in exploring the town’s history, art, and culture, and understanding how the town came to have its own unique personality.

The best place to stay in Broome when you want to see it all

Located in the heart of Town Beach, The Continental Hotel is the best place to stay in Broome for people who want to be close to everything.

With accommodation options for time- and budget-conscious travellers, it’s the perfect starting point for first-time visitors, and ideal for young families looking for the perfect location to set out on adventures and explore what Broome has to offer.

So make your stay in Broome easy, and book your accommodation at The Continental Hotel.



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Indulge in modern South American cuisine and tropical cocktails in our hidden Broome bar, Papa Fuego. Or perhaps you fancy a meal at The Continental Bar & Bistro, situated inside in our breezy tropical retreat.

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